About Us


We design, manufacture and distribute bold high-quality, customized flexible packaging and printed woven polypropylene bags for a wide range of industries. This Includes flexible packaging for food, pet food and related products, retail packaging agricultural products, and home and garden landscaping products.   

Our Capabilities  

Here at Pacific Packaging Industries, we can print up to 4 color flexographic and up to 9 color rotogravure - the highest quality print in the industry. 


If you need a unique, custom packaging to show off your product, contact one of our sales representatives. We will work with you to make your product stand out among the competition. 

Who We Are

Pacific Packaging was founded in 1947 with a single customer - a local potato farmer. With Pacific Packaging's focus on personal attention, great products at a competitive price and top-notch customer service, the company continued to grow. Today, Pacific Packaging Industries is a global operation with customers around the world.

We've never forgotten our roots. To this day, we continue to offer the same superior level of service that we became recognized for over 60 years ago. Pacific Packaging Industries is one of the last independently-owned packaging companies in the Pacific Northwest. We know that our business is built on close relationships and personal attention, and while we continue to grow and expand our line of products, we are committed to offering the same great level of service that has led to success thus far.


Recent years have brought us unprecedented success. Pacific Packaging Industries has grown into one of the largest agricultural packaging companies in the Northwest, serving customers as varied as local grass seed producers to California's colossal growers of tree-nuts. As this millennium experiences new markets opening and new global partners emerging, Pacific Packaging Industries is well positioned to grow and serve our customers for decades to come.